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Vascular Services, Treatments and Conditions

Dr. Robert Weiser specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all artery and vein conditions. His operative experience of arterial and venous disease is extensive and he has frequently diagnosed and successfully treated many patients’ vascular conditions which have not responded to treatment elsewhere.

Conditions We Treat:

Varicose veins

Spider Veins

Arterial occlusions and blockages (PAD)

Vascular sores and ulcers

Lymphedema and chronic leg ulcers

Vascular skin changes of the legs

Leg problems such as poor circulation causing pain with walking or at rest

Leg wounds and ulcers and swelling

Accurate, expert diagnosis and treatment of vein and artery problems involving the legs and arms

Raynaud’s phenomenon (problems in hands related to cold exposure - including cold exposure testing)

Restless leg syndrome

Carotid Artery Disease, stroke and arterial/aortic aneurysms

Vascular surgical procedures for dialysis access


Vascular Diagnosis and Treatment

Ultrasound Evaluation Duplex Ultrasound

Varicose vein laser ablation



Vascular Wound Care

Arterial vascular surgery including: bypass, angioplasty, stenting and aneurysm repair

Carotid Artery Surgery for Stroke Prevention